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Press releases

London, November 4, 2019:
HitListCasinos Rises to Prominence in the iGaming Market

London, September 6, 2018:
HitListCasinos Launches Its First Slot Game on Google Play, Promises a Wild Social Gaming Experience

London, July 13, 2018:
Lightning Fast and Industry Compliant Now Available to Meet Online Casino Users’ Needs

London, May 17, 2017:
HitListCasinos Launches Navigator, Brings Casino Player Education and Guidance to the Next Level

Stockholm, April 24, 2017:
HitListCasinos Now GPWA-Approved, Gets Validation for Promoting Fair Gaming and Responsible Business Practices

Stockholm, February 26, 2017:
HitListCasinos v2 Launched, Promises Better User Experience


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