HitListCasinos Now GPWA-Approved, Gets Validation for Promoting Fair Gaming and Responsible Business Practices

Stockholm, April 24, 2017 HitListCasinos.com, an online hub for casino and games reviews can now add another milestone to its young and productive history. It has been announced that the online casino portal has earned the Seal of Approval from the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA), a testament to its commitment to fair gaming and an informed casino player. With this GPWA seal of approval, HitListCasinos joins an elite list of approved portals that are committed to upholding the GPWA’s Code of Conduct, and promote fair gaming.

Since its launch in late 2016, HitListCasinos has been dedicated to providing valuable and informative content for casino players and readers alike. The platform covers a wide range of topics within the online casino gaming environment, including casino news, reviews, slot game reviews, and player guides that promote fair and responsible gaming practices. To further engage with the audience, HitListCasinos has expanded its presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

Continuing its commitment to excellence, HitListCasinos has recently applied for membership in the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA) and earned its esteemed “Seal of Approval”. Being a member of the GPWA is highly regarded in the casino gaming industry, as it provides a network and community for webmasters and affiliates to strengthen their relationships and enhance their services for target customers.

The addition of the GPWA membership and Seal of Approval further reinforces HitListCasinos’ credibility and commitment to delivering reliable and trustworthy information. Visitors to the site can now easily identify the platform’s dedication to high standards by prominently displaying the Seal of Approval.

Stay connected with HitListCasinos through its website and engage with the platform through its various social media channels. Join the community and explore the wealth of valuable content and resources offered by HitListCasinos.

HitListCasinos Undergoes the Process, Meet the Stringent Standards

Interested portals and website operators in the casino industry are encouraged to submit an application for review. HitListCasinos underwent a thorough evaluation process that included an assessment of copyright compliance and content quality. After a comprehensive investigation, the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA) awarded HitListCasinos with its prestigious “Seal of Approval”, recognizing the site as an advocate for fair gaming.

As an approved portal, HitListCasinos has demonstrated a commitment to respecting copyright laws, providing valuable resources for customer education, and conducting business in a responsible and professional manner. This certification further solidifies HitListCasinos’ dedication to delivering high-quality content and promoting fair practices within the industry.

Within a short span of time, HitListCasinos has successfully enhanced its portal by producing informative guides and valuable content that empower customers and promote responsible gaming. The acquisition of the GPWA Seal of Approval is a testament to the site’s dedication to customer education and its adherence to ethical business practices.

Following the official announcement, the individuals behind HitListCasinos promptly displayed the Seal of Approval, signifying their satisfaction with the certification and their commitment to maintaining the high standards outlined in GPWA’s Code of Conduct.

With the Seal of Approval, HitListCasinos will continue its mission of producing enriching content while upholding the principles of fairness and integrity.

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