HitListCasinos Navigator: Your Glossary to Master Online Casino Terms & Abbreviations

HitListCasinos Navigator: Your Glossary to Master Online Casino Terms & Abbreviations

Navigating the world of online gambling can be overwhelming, especially with the unique jargon used in the industry. Whether you’re playing a card game or spinning the reels, you might encounter unfamiliar words and phrases that leave you feeling uncertain about the game mechanics or important features.

It’s important to note that online casinos don’t use these terms to confuse you. They are simply part of the language understood by experienced players. With some time and experience, you’ll become well-versed in the lingo of online gambling.

However, don’t fret if you come across terms you don’t understand. We’re here to assist you. Whenever you encounter confusion about a casino term, you can rely on this page to find clear explanations. From poker to slots, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of common terms and abbreviations used at online casinos, conveniently accessible on this page.

As new terminology emerges, we continually update this resource to ensure you stay up-to-date. So, whenever you gamble online, you can always rely on this page to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of online gambling!

Online Casino Glossary: General Gambling Terms & Abbreviations

When it comes to online betting, one of the most popular options is to play at an online casino. Online casinos offer a wide variety of games, including roulette, blackjack, and more, each with its own unique set of terms and phrases. Understanding this lingo is crucial because it can relate to game features, strategies, or even slang.

It’s important to grasp these terms and phrases because they can unlock important features and help you make informed decisions. For instance, understanding the concept of RTP (Return to Player) allows you to identify games that offer better winning chances.

In this glossary, you’ll find a comprehensive list of terms and phrases commonly used in online casinos. This resource will ensure that you always understand what an online casino is referring to. We will continue to update this glossary regularly as new games emerge and new strategies are developed. So, if you ever come across an unfamiliar term or phrase at an online casino, this page will provide you with the answers you need.

Advantage Player – a person who relies on mathematical formulas and other legal techniques to win. This term may also refer to a person, who uses casino bonuses and various offers to maximize their advantage.

B&M Casino – Brick and Mortar casino.

Bonus Banned – a term used to refer to a player banned from bonuses by a casino/casino group/software developer. The causes for this ban might vary, but the most common is making huge winnings without investing much of their own money. The exact terms must be explained in the Terms & Conditions of the casino and the game itself.

Cashable Bonus – a type of bonus that you can cash out by adding it to your main casino credit account. These offers are the best, but they are rare. Usually, you’ll have to meet the casino’s wagering requirements before you can cash out the money.

Cashout Time – the amount of time your winnings travel from the casino to the payout service provider (bank, e-wallet, etc.).

eCOGRA – e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, an organization dedicated to testing and supervision of online casino practices.

Even Money Bet – a wager that offers a payoff equal to the size of the bet.

Expectation/Expected Value – the theoretical (expected) result of a wager, either a single play or your expected winnings over a specified playing period.

Flexible Bonus – a type of bonus that initially deposits ‘phantom’ money on your casino account, but they become cashable as you start wagering them. The exact terms vary and must be explained in the Terms & Conditions of the bonus offer.

House – casino or poker room (as in ‘the house always wins’).

Jackpot – money a player can win by meeting certain conditions in a game. It’s usually quite a big amount and some games have progressive jackpots that can get as high as several million.

Manual Flush – a feature that allows for immediate transfer of the winnings from the casino to the banking operator (bank, e-wallet).

Phantom Bonus – a type of casino bonus where the entirety of bonus funds disappears when you apply for a cash out. It can be used when going all-or-nothing in order to increase the final win. However, in this case, you must accept that you’ll lose the bonus amount regardless. This kind of ‘phantom money’ also allows you increase your play time by boosting your balance.

Reverse Time – the time when you can still reverse the claiming (withdrawal) of your winnings from the casino.

Reverse Withdrawal – reversal of the money withdrawal. This action is mostly practiced by impatient players and most often leads to losing the amount.

RNG – Random Number Generator, a software solution that runs various phases of online casino games by generating a random sequence of numbers. It’s this part of the program that regulation companies test in order to ensure that the games are 100% fair.

RTP – Return to Player, the amount of money (usually expressed in %) that a player might win in a game. Note that RTP assumes that you will play for a while, as opposed to a single bet.

Shill – a person employed by the house to pose as a satisfied player. These ‘fakes’ are mostly used for promotion purposes.

Steam Bet – a bet made based on emotion, usually as a ‘release of steam’ for pent-up anger. It’s usually a bad bet because the player doesn’t think it through. Making steam bets might be a sign that you should stop playing for the night. (Other name: Tilt)

Sticky Bonus – a type of bonus that remains in your account until it expires. You cannot cash out this money, but they don’t disappear when you file a withdrawal request.

Variance – the allowance for swings in the bank roll.

Wagering Requirement – number of times you need to rollover your initial bet to be able to withdraw your winnings (35x).

Wild Card – a special card that can complete any hand to turn it into a win. These are only present in a few games and all of them have 5-of-a-kind as the maximum hand.

Online Casino Glossary: Video Slots Acronyms & Terms

Among the diverse array of games offered at online casinos, slots reign supreme as the most popular choice. This is primarily due to their massive jackpots and the vast selection of online slot games available to players. While slots may appear straightforward to play, like any other casino game, they come with their own set of specific terms and phrases. Understanding these terms is essential for maximizing your enjoyment and potential winnings.

While slots are predominantly based on luck, familiarizing yourself with the related terms and phrases can also enhance your chances of winning. Moreover, being well-versed in slot lingo allows you to engage in knowledgeable conversations with friends about the various online slots you’ve experienced. Whether you seek to improve your gameplay or simply want to sound like a seasoned player, this page is the perfect resource for learning the slot jargon.

Below, you’ll find a collection of commonly used terms and phrases in the world of online slots. We continuously update this list to ensure you’re always aware of the latest buzzwords and terminology. So, before you dive into the realm of online slots, take a moment to explore the glossary below and enhance your slot gaming expertise.All Ways – This is a feature in a slot game that gives players hundreds of possible paylines which can move from left to right, or right to left.

Autoplay – a feature allowing a player to preselect a specified number of spins on a slot, which are then played automatically

Basic Slots – These are simple and traditional slot games that feature a single playline and a static jackpot that will not change in value over time.

Bet Per Payline – the amount you are betting per payline. This amount is then multiplied by the multiplier on the paytable to determine your win.

Bonus Feature – many video slots have bonus features, and these include Free spins, special wilds, and second-screen bonuses.

Branded Slots – These are special types of slots that are inspired by famous TV shows and Hollywood movies. A number of software providers in the market have collaborated with top Hollywood studios to create these types of games. Some popular branded slots available today are Planet of the Apes, Dracula Slot and Aliens Slot.

Cash Back – This is a popular bonus in many online slots wherein players will get a percentage back from their accumulated losses from playing the games. The amount of percentage of cashback will depend on the casino or actual promotion.

Classic Slot – a slot resembling the original slots, with three reels and little or no features.

Coin Size – how much each coin is worth.

Colossal Wilds – These are special type of wilds that are bigger in size, often taking the space of a whole section. These monstrous wilds which come in sizes of 3×3 or 4×4 may appear during the Free spins round and will deliver larger winnings. Colossal wilds can also can also replace other symbols in the game except for the bonus symbols.

Expanding Wilds – Also known as cloning wilds, these types of wild symbols will appear on the second or fourth reel, and may expand up to two spaces vertically. These may also duplicate the symbol positioned on the right side of the Wild stack and mirrors the same on the left to come up with Colossal Wilds.

Fixed Jackpot – a jackpot that always stays the same size.

Free Spinsa bonus feature whereby the player receives a number of Free spins on the slot. During these Free spins, extra bonus features might be added to the reels.

Gamble Mode – Most popular slot games today feature the gamble mode that allows players to double their winnings, or lose it all if done the wrong way. Different software providers design their gamble feature in different ways, but the most popular version is for a player to guess the color or the suit of the card. If the guess is right, the winnings will be doubled but when the wrong guess is made, the player will lose his winnings.

Jackpot – This refers to the top prize that the video slot game can pay out.

Linked Progressive Jackpot – This is a special type of slots jackpot wherein the prizes are pooled together from a number of participating slot games, creating a much larger jackpot. This is different from the usual fixed jackpot slot games since the amount of jackpot may vary, depending on the amounts contributed by participating games.

Loose slots – This refers to how often a video slot game pays out the player. When one plays a loose slots, he can expect more frequent payouts or instant wins compared to a ‘tight’ slot machine.

Multiplier – a feature that multiplies a win by a certain amount. They are often attached to wild symbols.

Near miss – This means that a player nearly achieved a winning combination. And in some special slot games, a near miss can activate a special feature where the player is given another spin to fully complete the winning combination.

Nudges – This is a traditional feature in slot machines that allow players to nudge or move the reels to create a winning combination after a near-miss. Today, a number of modern slots also feature an electronic version of this feature, increasing the chances of players of winning the prizes.

Payline – a line spread across the reels. In order to win, you will have to land a certain number of identical symbols across this payline, usually starting with the first reel. Some slots allow the number of paylines to be adjusted, while others are fixed.

Paytable – a chart showing how much the different winning combinations are worth.

Pick-a-Win Bonus – This is a type of bonus round where the player is transported to a second screen where he can play for wins. The idea behind this feature is to pick a few items from a collection, and each item will reveal a specific prize, like coin wins or multipliers.

Progressive Jackpot – a jackpot that increases as more people play the game. It resets back to its base level when it is won. Please also see our associated piece to learn everything you need to know about Progressive Jackpots.

Reels – the vertical lines of symbols at a slot, which spin when the game is started.

Scatter Symbol – a commonly seen symbol at slots, it awards wins when a certain number appear on the reels. They don’t have to be lined up on a payline to award a win. Getting a certain number of scatters on the reels often also starts a bonus feature.

Sticky Wilds – Well-loved by slots enthusiasts, these types of wilds will stick and remain on the reels to create more winning combinations. These wilds will remain in place until such time that no winning combinations are created.

Stacked Wilds – Similar to the Colossal Wilds, the Stacked Wilds will take more spaces and create a formation vertically to create more winning combinations. This feature can be seen in a number of NetEnt slot games like Dracula and Steam Tower.

Standard Symbols – These are the most common symbols that one can encounter in all types and variants of slot games. The most common are the low-paying symbols that are represented by the suits in a deck of playing cards. Examples of these are the Kings (K), Queens (Q), Jacks (J) and Aces. There are also some high-paying symbols that are also considered standard symbols like the number 7s, BAR, bells and diamonds.

Symbol – any of the graphics shown on the reels of a slot.

Video Slot – a slot that uses graphics, as opposed to actual reels.

Walking Wilds – This is considered one of the most unique and exciting type of wild in the market today. Often seen in slots from NetEnt, these wilds will randomly appear during the game and will activate a re-spin. During the re-spin, the walking wilds will be seen ‘walking’ from its original place to the left side of the screen. This feature will continue as long as the wild will appear on every spin.

Wheel of Fortune – This is an interesting bonus feature in top casinos and slot games where players will spin a wheel to reveal a prize.

Wild Symbol – a symbol at a slot that can substitute for other symbols, and therefore help to create winning combinations.

Online Casino Glossary: Online Poker Acronyms & Terms

Poker, being one of the oldest and most popular games in the realm of online gambling, boasts a vast array of unique terms and phrases. Over the years, players have developed an extensive vocabulary to describe various situations and strategies, making it challenging for newcomers to grasp the game’s intricacies.

These poker phrases are often used in chat rooms, and understanding them is crucial for fully participating in the excitement and discussions happening among players. Without familiarity with these terms, you may miss out on valuable insights and effective tactics shared by others. Moreover, the rules of the game may contain unfamiliar terminology, emphasizing the need to comprehend them before diving into gameplay.

To ensure a smooth start, we recommend that all new poker players consult our comprehensive glossary, which provides explanations of commonly used terms and phrases. Remember to revisit the glossary periodically, as new terms may emerge in the dynamic world of online poker.

Action – a bet or wager made by a player.

AI – All-In, a bet that covers all the money on the table. A player might choose to go all-in in a variety of situations, but it’s essential to be careful and think your strategy through before doing it.

Ante – initial bet at a poker table.

AO – Add On, an opportunity to buy extra chips during a poker tournament.

ATC – Any Two Cards

Bad Beat Jackpot – a type of jackpot offered by some poker portals. The size and exact terms may vary. In most cases, 50% goes to the losing hand, 25% to the hand that beat it, and the last 25% split between the rest of the players.

BB – Big Blind/Big Bet, the first blind bet a player must make before the cards are dealt. The size of a Big Blind equals the first bet. Opposite is a Small Blind, which is a half of the first bet’s size.

Blind – a type of mandatory bet made by players left of the dealer (2 players) in Hold’em and Omaha poker.

BR – Bank Roll

Buy-In – ability to buy a place in a poker tournament and the amount of money needed to do it. Many tournaments have a point system buy-in, thus they are only accessible to those who can earn points in the specified casinos and games. There are also no buy-in tournaments that are open to everyone for free.

Dominated Hand – a hand that usually loses to the one of the popular played hands.

Drawing Dead – a hand that will lose no matter what kind of card you draw next.

Drawing Hand – a hand that needs one or more specific cards to win.

Family Pot – a pot that includes every player on the table.

FH – Full House (3 of a kind + pair)

Flop – first 3 community cards in the middle (Omaha & Hold’em).

Flush – a hand with all 5 cards the same suit.

Fold – forfeiting a round. You relinquish your cards when you choose to fold.

Free Card – times when you see the river or turn not betting yourself.

Freeroll – a case when you and one of your opponents share the same hand. Depending on the situation, you might win the whole pot (by getting a flush) or split.

GTD – Guaranteed

HH – Hand History, a poker game feature that shows the history of the hands dealt to the player. This feature is most helpful for learning to make calculations and generally helps keep track of your game. You can use the gathered data to develop better strategies.

Implied Odds – odds that might be depending on your wins and can be used in calculations. It’s essential that you choose the possibilities carefully and use only the most reasonable numbers in order to make the calculations truly beneficial.

Limit – a game with a fixed maximum bet and the size of this bet (Opposite – No-Limit).

Kicker – the highest card to play into 1 pair and high card, or 5/4/3 of a kind, or 2 pairs.

Kill Game – a situation where a third blind is created. It occurs only under specific circumstances outlined in the casino rules, so be sure to study those before you start playing.

Late Position – a position near the end (last seat). It’s one of the most advantageous positions at the table as it allows you to make a bet when you have the majority of the information.

Live Hand – a hand that you are currently playing.

Offsuit – a starting hand that has 2 cards of different suits (Hold’em).

Omaha – a type of poker where the player is obliged to play 2 cards from their hand and 3 cards from the window.

One-Gap – a starting hand with 2 cards that have 2-apart ranks (Hold’em).

Out – number of cards that makes the draw or hand.

Overcard – having cards above the window in Hold’em.

Overpair – having a pair higher than the cards in the window.

Nuts – the best hand considering the community cards.

Pay Off – calling a bet in a situation where the bettor holds a hand you can’t beat. In this particular case, the overall result is worthy of the inevitable loss.

Play the Board – situation where the cards in the window are the nuts.

PL – Pot Limit

Pocket – initial 2 cards served have in Hold’em.

Post – the action the player takes with the blind.

Pot Odds – the odds determined by the correlation of the money currently in the pot and the money you have to put in in order to keep playing.

Protect – calling a raise on the blind to avoid losing the bet.

Quads – 4-of-a-kind

Qualifier – the lowest winning limit in high/low games.

Rags – all cards under 10.

Rainbow – a flop that makes a river flush impossible.

Rake – the amount of money claimed by the house from the pot.

Rebuy – an option to buy your way back into the game after you go below the assigned limit. You do this by buying more chips. Be careful of this move as it’s a highly risky endeavor. Make sure you aren’t pushed by your emotions.

Ring Game – or Live Game, a singular game, not a tournament.

River – the 5th card to show in the Omaha or Hold’em board.

Royal Flush – one of the best hands in poker (TJQKA).

Scare Card – a card that might mess up your entire game.

Second Pair – a pair of the second highest value from the window, assuming you don’t have any pairs.

Semi-Bluff – not entirely a bluff, meaning that you have one or more ways out of the bet if it’s called, but you’d rather it not be called at all. This is one of the safest strategies of using bluff in a poker game.

Short Handed – a game where not all seats at the table are filled.

Short Stack – the player with the lowest chip count in a poker tournament.

Showdown – the ‘final’ of the game where all bets are called and players show their hands.

Side Pot – a pot created when one of the players in a pot goes all-in because they run out of chips. The Side Pot is played among the players who still have chips. There can be more than one SP.

Slowplay – a strategy where a player, who holds a strong hand, plays it weakly. This technique helps them to keep more players in the pot, thus, increasing their final win.

Split Pot – depending on the situation it’s either a pot with two players that hold the same hands or a high/low game with both types of winners.

Straddle – a blind bet made by the player on the left from the blind and usually twice its size. This technique is most often used by loose and reckless players as one can ‘straddle’ right before the flop.

Steal Raise – a move by a player, who sits near the end of the circle from the blind, that aims to ‘steal the pot’.

Straight – a hand where you have 5 any cards in a row.

Straight Flush – a hand where you have 5 cards of the same suit in a row.

Suited – a situation in Hold’em poker where all the cards on your pocket are one suit.

Table Stakes – a situation where a player is allowed to go all0in when they run out of chips. It’s a rule used in many casinos.

Time – a request for a timeout in a tournament. It’s mostly used in situations where a player has to do some deep thinking about their next move. The length of ‘time’ and specific regulations of its use should be outlined in the tournament rules.

Top Pair – a pair that has the highest card on the flop.

Trips – a situation where you can make 3-of-a-kind by combining 1 card from your pocket and a pair from the window.

Under the Gun – a name for the player, who sits on the left of the blind before the flop.

Value Bet – a type of bet that can amass positive value if played in the same position over and over for a while.

Wired – a situation where all the cards in your pocket are of the same rank.

WSOP (ME) – World Series of Poker (Main Event), one of the most famous and popular poker tournaments in the world.

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