Be the Winner - Your Ultimate Guide to Live Casino Hold’Em Strategies
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Be the Winner – Your Ultimate Guide to Live Casino Hold’em Strategies

Live Casino Hold’em is a thrilling game that players worldwide enjoy. Its popularity is due to its simplicity and the high chances of winning. Unlike poker, you don’t require a poker face in online play. Also, through excellent game strategies, you can minimize the risks. Developing reliable strategies for Live Casino Hold’em is stress-free as there are no complicated math calculations involved. All you need to remember is when you should fold or call as this gives you the best winning chances.

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When to Call

To play Live Casino Hold’em, you’ll need to come up with the best possible poker hand from two hole cards and the community cards on the table. As there are different variations, there’s no one-size-fits-all rule, but you’ll generally want to call more frequently than you fold. On average, you should call 82% of the time and fold 18%.

Here are situations that will require you to call:

  • When you have a pair in your hole cards.
  • When you have two over-cards.
  • When you have a flush draw.
  • When you have king-high or ace-high.
  • When you have an open-ended straight draw.
  • When you have a Queen-high in all scenarios except for when all community cards belong to different suits or when they are monotone.
  • When you have a gutshot straight draw (unless you maintain a hunch not to).
  • When you have high cards such as jack-high in all cases except for when the community cards are monotone, and you have two over-cards.

Following these scenarios is a solid strategy for winning at Casino Hold’em. The simplicity and clarity of the game are remarkable.

You must note that while the game is simple and has a low house edge, it can be addictive and lead to impulsive play. It would be best to set limits before playing. Additionally, it would be wise to bet reasonably as you’ll lose cash every time you fold, which could happen 18% of the time with an optimal strategy. You can also experience losses even when you call, so it’s vital to be careful.

The house edge for a standard Casino Hold’em table is around 0.82% with the optimal game plan. However, the edge can go over 2% with game variations.

If you’re new to this game, you can use a Casino Hold’em calculator to help you decide on when to fold or call. The calculator is usually available online and is free; however, it’s not entirely accurate. As such, you should use it in tandem with the ultimate strategy.

When to Fold

Most guides recommend folding when you do not have any favourable combinations listed above. Elite players ultimately decide when to fold, and the situations in which you will undoubtedly have to fold are:

  • When the community cards have a pair, and your hole cards sum up to ten or less. However, there are exceptions when you can turn your cards into a flush or a straight.
  • When you have low cards that do not seem usable for a flush or straight, judging from the open community cards.

Side Bets

Live Casino Hold’em includes AA+ side bets, which can significantly increase your wins. For instance, a royal flush payout can be about 100, while a straight flush payout can be 50. A 4 of a kind payout can be about 40, among other payouts. However, AA+ side bets tend to increase the house edge, sometimes even up to 6.4%.

As such, a surefire win strategy for using side bets in Casino Hold’em is not to use them. Opt to avoid this temptation if you aim to win more than you lose, as the extra risk might overtake the potential reward.

Some Live Casino Hold’em games also feature a progressive jackpot side bet variation. This is an independent game that does not rely on primary wager results. If you hit a royal flush, you earn the full jackpot amount in a single payment. If more than one player lands the jackpot, they divide it among themselves.

In a Live Casino Hold’em game, the Progressive Jackpot usually increases with every round until someone claims it. This sets the scene for incredibly big wins. The best part is that you can win the jackpot even if you fold or when the dealer beats you, as the primary game does not influence the side game.

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