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Introduction to Dragon’s Fortune

When it comes to casino games, players expect a unique and exciting experience. Dragon’s Fortune offers just that by combining the thrill of luck with a mythical dragon and magical elements. Developed by Microgaming, it’s a simple game with only six possible winning combinations. However, what makes it interesting is that it takes inspiration from and is based on the basic automated play feature seen in many other slot games. To get the most out of Dragon’s Fortune, players should look for Microgaming casinos that offer great bonuses.

Basic Game Concept

Playing Dragon’s Fortune is as easy as clicking the start button and letting the game do the rest. As players begin, pearls will come out of the dragon's mouth. There are six pearls in total, each with its own color and hieroglyphic inscription. Payouts occur when two pearls with matching hieroglyphs are identified. The game is fully automated and has a fixed multiplier, jackpot, and non-progressive plan. Players can bet from as low as 50 cents up to $10 in select casinos, and the payouts are calculated by multiplying the original bet amount by the fixed multiplier for each identified pearl.

Game Play

Dragon’s Fortune is a game for the masses, and Microgaming has ensured that it has all the elements to attract maximum footfall. For any slot game, bonuses and jackpots are the key drivers of popularity. However, in this game, there is no bonus payout option, and it jumps straight to the jackpot round, offering players a chance to win a substantial amount.


The Asian theme of Dragon’s Fortune, combined with the dragon's splendor and mysteriousness, make it a surreal experience. The game's excellent graphics and overall concept add to its appeal. However, some players may find the lack of involvement apart from clicking the start button a bit monotonous.

Jackpots and Bonus Games

Once the jackpot round is initiated, players can win up to 22,000 coins. The final payout includes the multiplier value, making it a substantial fortune for any lucky player. However, there are no progressive jackpots if a player hits the jackpot in Dragon's Fortune.


Dragon’s Fortune is a simple yet exciting game for those who enjoy automated play and wish to win a sizeable jackpot. Though it lacks bonus games, the game's mystery and charming Asian theme will keep you engaged.
Dragons fortune slot

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