Will Mobile Casino Take Over the Online Gambling Industry?
Posted in Industry July 5, 2017

Will Mobile Casino Take Over the Online Gambling Industry?

The rise of mobile casinos has brought significant changes to the online gambling industry. More people are enjoying virtual game rooms on their smartphones and tablets than brick-and-mortar casinos, causing a shift in the industry. The question now is – what does this mean for the future of online gambling?

Thanks to the flexibility and convenience of mobile gaming, players can now play their favorite games anytime and anywhere. The migration from desktops to mobile devices has caused a boost in popularity, making it one of the main factors contributing to the industry’s success.

The Mobile Casino Revolution

In the beginning of 2016, industry experts predicted that mobile gaming will surpass PC gaming by over $5 billion and consoles by about $10 billion, with many attributing the love for mobile gaming to its convenience and flexibility. Gaming software developers are taking advantage of this opportunity by producing many mobile slots and casino games. Despite limited graphics and a simple gameplay compared to PC and console games, mobile casino games are easy to convert and offer players the pleasure of gaming on the go.

The growing popularity of mobile casinos is unlikely to wane in the near future. However, the emergence of virtual reality (VR) technology is presenting a new challenge for mobile casino games. While VR technology has unrivaled potential, it is yet to go mainstream, and mobile devices are currently the primary choice of players.

Will Mobile Casinos Overtake Brick-and-Mortar Casinos?

While many land-based casinos continue to offer luxurious and unique gambling experiences, mobile casinos are making these experiences accessible to more people. Most online casinos now have mobile platforms, allowing players to access their favorite games on both desktop and mobile devices. Playing on mobile devices is highly convenient and offers an opportunity to win big, as proven by the record-breaking $8 million jackpot won by a mobile Mega Moolah player in April 2017.

As long as mobile devices remain the primary communication tool for most people, mobile casinos are likely to maintain their hold on the online gambling industry. While VR technology offers a different type of gambling entertainment, it can’t replace the convenience of a mobile casino.

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