Why Should You Choose a Low Wagering Slot?
Posted in Guides September 11, 2019

Why Should You Choose a Low Wagering Slot?

Most players dislike wagering requirements, but if they are reasonable and fair, they aren’t so bad. Online casinos require wagering requirements for players who want to make use of the enticing casino bonuses. Bonuses are loved by everyone, and this resulted in a few online casinos that maintained lower wagering requirements. 

However, some players crossed the line, abusing the bonuses to make easy cash. Consequently, casinos enforced hard to meet wagering requirements. These demanding requirements made it almost impossible for players to profit from their bonuses. What’s worse, these bonuses had vague terms and conditions that created confusion about what players could do with their bonus cash.

Identifying fair wagering requirements is tricky, but it is essential for all players. This article concentrates on highlighting abnormalities that exist in most casino bonus scam patterns, offering better choices for players who want to pick a casino to play in. 

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Benefits of Choosing a Low Wagering Casino Bonus

From a player’s perspective, all casinos should have low or no wagering requirements at all. Unfortunately, wagering requirements are a necessary evil to limit bonus abuse. 

The problem is that many casino operators have ludicrous wagering requirements – even up to 50x or 60x. These requirements are unjustifiable. They prevent players from ever winning anything through bonuses. Additionally, casino operators often have obscure wagering requirement rules that players don’t understand. Many players continue to accept bonuses, thinking how generous they are, only to realize how pointless it is to attempt playing through the high wagering requirements.

Players have eventually begun to reject all bonus offers since claiming them is not worth it. This is why low wagering casinos should be a priority for each player. Not only are they fair and reasonable, but they also increase the chances of actually winning something through the bonuses.

Reasonable wagering requirements, limited to about 25x, are acceptable for players because slots have a higher payout frequency. It’s possible to start playing with £200 and win over £3,000 in a session. Whether or not the player profits will depend on the fortune and gameplay, but at least there is a high possibility of winning something with low wagering requirements.

Of course, lower wagering requirements provide more benefits than higher ones. Sadly, low wagering casinos usually provide less attractive bonuses compared to casinos with high wagering requirements.

If a casino offers a £1,500 welcome package, players should understand that it comes with absurd wagering requirements, making it pointless to try and claim such a massive bonus if they cannot win anything from it.

Game Contribution

Previously, some players realized that playing games like roulette or blackjack with a low house edge would help them meet the wagering requirements without losing most of the bonus credits. They would bet small amounts on both black and red, spin the wheel, play through the wagering requirement, and break even.

However, online casinos soon became aware of this trick and introduced further rules that implied particular games contributed differently to the wagering requirements. This made the T&Cs confusing, leaving players more bewildered.

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T&Cs That Accompany No Wagering Bonuses

Although the no wagering bonuses are almost extinct, a few online casinos still offer them. However, online casinos have additional restrictions that compensate for the lack of wagering requirements, making it more challenging for players to win.

Maximum Conversion Limit

Your winnings will most likely be limited with a no-wagering free spin bonus or deposit match bonus. Additionally, these winnings will be subject to a maximum conversion limit, which means there is a limit on the amount of money you can move from your bonus account to your actual account.

Time Limit

Almost all casino bonuses, including No Deposit Free Spin Bonuses, welcome bonuses, and ongoing promotions, have a time limit. This means that every bonus is valid only for a certain duration. The timer starts ticking as soon as you activate the bonus, and you’ll have only limited time to meet the wagering requirements.

Typically, players have between 7-10 days to claim a bonus after registering and an additional 30 days to utilize it. If they don’t meet the conditions within this time frame, all winnings or unused bonuses will be forfeited.

Maximum Bet

Most welcome packages and free spin promotions have a maximum bet limit to play with until you meet the wagering requirements. In most sites, the limit is £5, but players should check the T&Cs as it can vary significantly.

Fair Wagering Requirements

Is it feasible? Wagering requirements are an essential part of every online casino, and there’s no way to avoid them when claiming bonuses. 

Bonuses and free spin offers are an excellent way to test the games out and experience a new online casino. Suppose the wagering requirements are high, players should treat the bonuses as demo credits and not get too excited. 

Wagering requirements are justified to a degree, but they must be reasonable, unambiguous, and transparent. Else, they would be nothing more than a deceitful offer designed to entice players to sign up. 

Any wagering requirement beyond 50x makes it unlikely for a player to win anything. In contrast, a 15x, 20x, or even 30x wagering requirement is more reasonable and achievable to meet. 

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