Tipico Direkt - What is It Really?
Posted in Guides, Industry November 12, 2018

Tipico Direkt – What is It Really?

Depositing and withdrawing money for online gambling purposes used to be a headache for players, but now there are more payment service options available. Tipico Direkt is a new and unique payment service that has been implemented in Germany, allowing gamblers to register on the Tipico website and make deposits or request payouts at retail stores and supermarkets. Tipico has partnered with Barzahlen, which is currently the largest mobile payment service in Germany, so players can now deposit and withdraw their money at over 8,000 locations across Germany.

Although this type of technology is not new, this is the first time it has surfaced in Europe, and will most likely spread throughout the continent and eventually worldwide if it proves to be successful. At present, only people living in or visiting Germany will be able to enjoy Tipico Direkt.

How Does It Work?

As end users, we don’t really need to know how the particular technology works in detail in order to use it. That’s why we only need to get familiar with the process of using it, instead of diving into complex algorithms and programming that lay behind it. The first step is to be in Germany and have a Barzahlen account. The second step is to create an account on the Tipico website and install the app. Once the app is launched, it will open an integrated map that shows the nearest available locations where you can make deposits or withdraw money (unless stated otherwise within the app). After entering the deposit amount, you will get a barcode that can be scanned by the cashier at the partnered store you visit. Tipico Direkt is free, provides instant transactions and data protection for all users, and is currently compliant with money laundering regulations.

Tipico is taking a huge step towards completely regulating the gambling market in Europe, as it’s still having tons of issues. Governments throughout Europe are updating and creating new laws to combat money laundering and terrorist financing instances. Hence, platforms like Tipico Direkt need to comply with the necessary regulations in order to provide a secure and safe platform for players.

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