Sports Betting Wins Big with the New Jersey Supreme Court Decision
Posted in Industry May 25, 2018

Sports Betting Wins Big with the New Jersey Supreme Court Decision

The Supreme Court of New Jersey has made a monumental decision for the gambling industry. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) has been fully repealed, allowing sports betting to flourish in New Jersey. This change will inspire other states to push forward with their own sports betting laws, signifying a step forward in the evolution of gambling in the US. The Supreme Court ruling opens the road for sports betting all over the country by overruling the currently existing federal sports betting ban. PASPA has been the cause of undue restrictions on the US sports betting industry for decades, limiting the industry’s growth and potential. However, this ban has finally been declared unconstitutional and the revival of this gambling branch is expected. Multiple states, like Delaware and Oregon, had existing sports betting laws pending for years, holding out hope for this day to come. The repeal of PASPA presents an opportunity for the first state to openly embrace legal sports betting. While this move faced some criticism from anti-gambling groups and organizations, the legalization of sports betting provides an opportunity for greater regulation and responsible gaming practices. Additionally, this change in legislation should provide a safer environment for players and assist in combating gambling addiction. Marlene Warner, the President of the National Council on Problem Gambling, suggests that the organizations benefitting from the new legislation should allocate a portion of their increased profits to fund programs fighting problem gambling. Finally, online casinos such as Mr Green Casino offer a diverse range of sports betting and gambling options for those interested in exploring the new landscape of legalized sports betting.

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