Play Roulette Using the Hollandish Betting System
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Play Roulette Using the Hollandish Betting System

Roulette is considered to be one of the most popular casino games, played both online and at physical locations. Whether it is pleasant or unpleasant surprises and adrenaline rushes that one encounters while playing roulette, a good time is always guaranteed. Although entertainment is the primary reason why people play roulette, learning new strategies and tactics can significantly enhance the overall gambling experience. It’s essential to note, however, that beating the house is impossible. The RTP and house edge percentage will remain the same for all players, irrespective of the betting strategies employed. Casinos are programmed to randomly award players with a certain percentage of the money wagered, and hence, a certain portion of the wagered amount is retained by the casino over a more extended period.

Saying that, there is no harm in learning different tactics and strategies in roulette, such as Hollandish, to make the gambling experience more calculated. With Hollandish, you can eliminate the risk of going overboard with your expenditure, making the budget management more straightforward.

How Does the Hollandish Work?

Hollandish focuses on three bets at a time, starting with the minimum stake, which can then be increased as per the need. What differentiates Hollandish from other betting systems is that one bets the same amount three times in succession. The result of the previous three bets determines the next step. Two possibilities can prevail:

  • Repeating the same bet three times
  • Increasing the bet amount and sticking to it for the next three turns

It is recommended to start with the minimum required stake amount, which can be set at $1. Suppose that $1 is placed on any of the 50/50 chance fields such as red or black, odd or even, 1 to 18, or 19 to 36; this is then repeated twice more. Now, whether the bankroll has increased or decreased determines the next step. If two out of the three bets were won, the player earns $1, and thus they can place three more bets of $1. However, in an unfortunate event where the player loses two or all the three bets, the bet’s size should be increased to $3 and repeated three times. The stake should keep on increasing by $2 until the bankroll has moved up after the third roll. Once the bankroll increases, the player can go back to their original bet and restart. It is recommended to start over, especially if the last bet placed was significant.

Advantages of Using the Hollandish Betting System

Compared to other betting systems such as Martingale, Hollandish takes a more calculated and safer approach towards profitability. It does not follow an exponential increment of the stake size, making it more suitable for those on a low budget looking to maximize their chances of winning. To keep track of the bets placed, it is advisable to have a pen and paper or a text file on a device. For this system to work efficiently, one must avoid changing the bet after only two or more than three tries and continue to repeat the three-bet cycle for maximum efficacy.

Hollandish Betting System Cons

The total bet per round limit is the biggest obstacle that can prevent one from winning altogether, just like any other roulette strategy. Hence, playing at online casinos that provide the gamblers with a wide betting span is the key to success. Online casinos such as RivieraPlay Casino, BetAt Casino, Split Aces Casino, BonzoSpins Casino, or Energy Casino provide this range. Even if one selects the casino with the highest upper stake limit for roulette games, there is a possibility that the player might eventually hit the limit and lose plenty of money. Thus, it is essential to prepare by setting a budget and strict stop losses to avoid any significant losses. One might not reach the limit as fast as other systems, but one will need to hit it twice or even thrice consecutively to break even and make a profit.

Gamble Responsibly

Gambling can be a fun activity if done with the right mindset. Always remember to never deposit more than what one is comfortable with losing, and never gamble under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Setting a maximum limit of cash that can be lost in a session can considerably ease the gambling process, avoiding any unnecessary stress that may arise with more significant bets. Those who follow these guidelines will become gambling pros in no time.

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