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Posted in Industry August 26, 2017

Infographic: The Highest Number of Casinos Per Capita in Europe, Republic of Macedonia up top

The casino industry is full of exciting information and details when it comes to the listing of the ‘bests’ and ‘ranking’. The United States is currently leading the casino industry in terms of spending with $116.9 billion, followed by Japan, China, and Italy. When it comes to per capita spending, Australia has taken the lead with $990 while Macau, the world’s largest ‘gambling mecca’ leads the pack with its luxurious casinos and hotels. Another interesting statistic to note is the number of casinos per capita. This focuses on the number of casinos in comparison to the population of a specific region, which will give an idea of the popularity of gaming in that area. Here are the top 7 European countries with the highest number of casinos per capita.

Infographic: Casinos per capita in Europe

1. Republic of Macedonia (1 casino for every 299,429 residents)

Macedonia, a relatively new independent country, is the current leader in terms of the number of casinos per capita. It has a small population of 2,096,000 and only 7 casinos, but has a per capita of 1 casino for every 299,429 residents. The casino industry in Macedonia is mainly centered in Gevgelija, where three gaming facilities offer various table games, slots, and video poker machines. Apart from casino gaming, Macedonians also enjoy lottery and sports betting. Sports betting is a popular form of entertainment in the country, with around 37% of the population engaged in it.

2. Ireland (1 casino for every 305,769 residents)

Ireland is a great destination for tourists who are looking for casino gaming with its 16 casino facilities. Although it had only 14 casinos in 2015, 2 new casinos have been added to improve its ranking in terms of the number of casinos per capita. Ireland now boasts 1 casino for every 305,769 residents, with most casinos located in Dublin that offer 14 gaming facilities, 463 poker and slot machines, and 27 table games. Emerald Casino- Clondalkin Q’s is the largest casino gaming facility in Ireland.

3. Switzerland (1 casino for every 386,754 residents)

Switzerland has 21 land-based casinos at present, thanks to its legalization in 2000. The country has a complex history in terms of casino gaming and entertainment, with games repeatedly being de-legalized and legalized. Casino entertainment is now legal and the casino industry started with the Casino Barriere de Montreux, which was situated in Lake Geneva in 1881. Casino gaming can now be enjoyed in 20 cities with most of the casinos located in Mendrisio. Swiss Casino in Zurich is currently the largest casino in the country with a number of table games, gaming machines, and poker tables for enthusiasts and tourists.

4. Bulgaria (1 casino for every 502,710 residents)

Bulgaria, with a population of just over 7 million, has 14 casinos scattered in five cities. Casino gaming in the country may not be as popular as in other countries in Europe, but its 1 casino for every 502,710 residents has placed it in this list. Sofia, the capital, has six gaming facilities, over 600 slot and video poker machines, and 53 table games. In addition to casinos, residents and visitors can also enjoy parlours and sports betting.

5. Montenegro (1 casino for every 657,394 residents)

Montenegro, despite being a small European country, is one of the most popular gambling destinations with its exciting casino action. It is home to one popular casino and has a relatively small population, which has earned it a spot on this list. Montenegro was featured in the James Bond movie Casino Royale which helped boost tourism and the casino industry in the country. Montenegro has a hotel named Hotel Splendido, unlike the one featured in the movie, Casino Royale, that is located in the Czech Republic.

6. Austria (1 casino for every 722,129 residents)

With 12 casinos currently operating in Austria, the country has earned a spot on this list. The casino industry in Austria offers a number of casino options for its residents and visitors, generating up to EUR 300 million in revenue in 2015. Innsbruck is the hottest location for casino gaming with three casino facilities, 196 slots, gaming machines, and 22 table games. Casino Bregenz in Bregenz, Austria is the largest casino facility and offers up to 30 table games, 295 poker and gaming machines, and 7 poker tables.

7. Portugal (1 casino for every 984,119 residents)

Portugal has put certain rules and laws in place to ensure responsible gambling. The country has 11 legal casinos that adhere to regulations and offer a variety of popular casino games including craps, roulette, poker, and slot machines. Only players who are at least 18 years of age are allowed to play and casinos are only allowed to operate for 12 hours a day. As of 2017, Portugal has a per capita of 1 casino for every 984,119 residents.

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