How to Solve a Casino Dispute
Posted in Guides November 12, 2019

How to Solve a Casino Dispute

Online casinos help players win instant prizes or even life-changing jackpots while providing entertainment. They strive to make gaming seamless, from game availability to technical help and payment processing. However, as with any other business, issues can arise. Slow-loading games, complex verification procedures, and slow payouts can cause inconveniences. It is then essential to know the actions to take when handling casino disputes.

This guide will provide the steps to follow when experiencing issues when playing online. It covers topics such as:

  • Casino background check and reliability of customer support
  • Reviewing terms and conditions and policies
  • Filing a dispute using the right channels and complaint procedure
  • Contacting ADR and UK Gambling Commission( UK GC)
  • Knowing your rights and process involved
  • Taking the case to court when necessary

Ways to Avoid Disputes

To avoid misunderstandings, players must ensure they play on a secure and trustworthy gaming platform. A trustworthy casino allows players to deposit funds and relies on reputable software. Players should conduct background checks, check the casino’s reviews on community boards, and make use of free spins offered by the casinos to test their services. It is vital to read and understand the terms and conditions before depositing any amount to avoid cases of misunderstanding. In case there are issues with the casino, contact Customer Support to address them.

Step 1: Contact Customer Support

When players encounter common issues like slow payouts or uncredited bonuses, the first step is to contact the casino’s customer support through Live Chat, email, online form, or toll-free number. Casino operators value their online reputation and strive to address complaints promptly. If the issue persists, consider working with trusted affiliates like HitListCasinos to file a complaint and get solutions.

Step 2: Use Established Affiliates

Established affiliates such as HitListCasinos provide a platform where players can submit their concerns. Players are required to provide details like the casino’s name, the problem encountered, and the time it occurred. After submission, the affiliate contacts the casino and attempts to find a solution.

Step 3: Reach Out to Alternative Dispute Resolution Party or ADR

Players can get in touch with an Alternative Dispute Resolution Party approved by the UK GC to resolve complicated casino complaints. The ADR is an independent party that looks into player complaints. The UK GC requires each casino to offer at least one alternative resolution body. Popular ADRs include eCOGRA, IBAS, Bacta ADR Service, and CEDR.
Filing a complaint with an ADR may involve some costs, and the process may take up to 90 days. Players should contact at least one ADR as recommended by the UK GC.

Step 4: File a Complaint

When all other steps fail, players should file a case in court. It is wise to know your rights and the laws before filing a complaint. For instance, UK-based players’ complaints fall under the UK Consumer Rights Act of 2015. Players should utilize initial remedies such as contacting support and working with mediators before taking legal action.

To avoid financial, physical, and mental stress, players should practice due diligence when planning to play online. They should check licenses and read the terms and conditions of each casino and other policies. Issues should be reported instantly, and updated contact details for support should be used.

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