Brexit Hits 888 Holdings - Possible Relocation and What it Means for Players
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Brexit Hits 888 Holdings – Possible Relocation and What it Means for Players has been one of the most trusted British operators of online gambling for more than 20 years. However, Brexit has strongly affected the company, prompting it to consider relocating its headquarters from the UK.

This is not yet confirmed, as many details about the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and the legalities that surround it are still unclear. 888 Holdings is currently headquartered in Gibraltar, which is under British jurisdiction. Therefore, any political changes in the UK will definitely affect it as well. focuses on servicing EU players, so the current uncertainty surrounding Britain’s relationship with other members of the EU has pushed the company towards this drastic move. The Gibraltar license, which 888 Casino currently holds, is respected across the world. While Britain was part of the EU, this license gave the operator various freedoms within the other Union nations. However, Brexit could remove this advantage and invalidate the operator’s legal status in many member countries.

It is a matter of great importance for a company whose primary focus is Europe. If licensing issues become problematic for 888 Holdings, the company stands to lose the majority of its player base. To put things into perspective, even if the company’s stellar reputation might help them bounce back from such challenges, significant negative impacts should still be expected if things go in the wrong direction.

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Relocation to Malta?

As a preemptive measure, a relocation to an EU territory seems like a viable alternative for 888 Holdings. The company has suggested in a recent press release that they might move their headquarters to Malta and apply for licensing from the Malta Gaming Authority.

In their official statement, 888 Holdings expressed concern over the effects of Brexit on the global economy, identifying that such a move would upset a core principle associated with the EU- stability. Therefore, the full extent of the consequences of this move cannot be anticipated, but it looks like the best course of action for the company in light of the situation.

Despite the severe currency instability that affected numerous businesses in the online gambling industry, according to the published 2016 revenue reports, 888 Holdings managed to grow by 13%. Unfortunately, Brexit has made the company sceptical about its ability to maintain its operations if Britain is no longer a member of the EU. Relocating to Malta seems like a good solution. The move should be encouraged by players because it will ensure the stability of the gambling portal.

888 Casino and 888 Poker are undoubtedly leading websites in their respective fields. Players worldwide have come to associate the gambling operator with excellent service, fast payouts, and vast game collections. Fortunately, the company is considering changing its primary registration before any significant issues occur, underscoring its business sense and readiness.

With 888 Holdings’ level of professionalism and efficiency, there should be no significant difference in the players’ experience. Hopefully, the company will carry out any necessary changes smoothly.

888 Poker Gives You a Chance to Win $10+ Million in WSOP

The 48thth World Series of Poker (WSOP) is about to begin, and players worldwide are already preparing for the event. The recent announcement of the $10 million prize for the main WSOP event shows that Brexit has not affected the plans of 888 Poker to provide their players with excellent opportunities.

The WSOP is one of the biggest poker series worldwide and has been held for almost half a century. Although it is a summer event, players will soon commence competing for a chance to participate in the grand finale that will take place in Las Vegas at the end of July.

The size of the first WSOP prize varies year-to-year, and over the last five years, it has ranged from $7 to $10 million. In 2017, players have a chance to win more than $10 million if they qualify for the main event through an accredited gambling website.

This promise is sure to attract an influx of players to If you qualify there, you’ll automatically win a $12,500 package that will pay for your participation in the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas. The buy-in for the event is $10,000 (covered by the package), and the remainder will pay for your travel expenses and accommodate you for five nights in the Vdara Hotel Las Vegas ($1,200). Additionally, the players will receive other various perks that will make the adventure even more enjoyable.

In 2016, an 888 Poker player, Fernando Pons qualified for the WSOP Main Event through the website and ended up in the top 10 of the tournament. His win amounted to $1 million, and now every player has a chance to repeat or even beat his success.

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