Bitstarz Casino Revolutionizing the Gambling Industry with Bitcoins
Posted in Casino Reviews, Industry, Promotions December 8, 2017

BitStarz Casino Revolutionizing the Gambling Industry with Bitcoins

Numerous online casinos exist, but only a few have made an impact on the industry, and BitStarz Casino is one of them. Established in 2014, it revolutionized online gambling by pioneering the use of Bitcoins. Its business has been overwhelmingly successful, and this fact demonstrates the potential usefulness of Bitcoin in online gaming. As the Bitcoin becomes a more popular currency, we can expect to see more gaming operators accept it.

Bitcoin and BitStarz Casino – Growing Together

Bitcoin became more recognized in the year 2014, when BitStarz Casino was launched. Only a few advocates used the currency in the early days when it was officially introduced in 2009, and it was not until 2010 that it had any value. In October 2017, it had risen from being worth less than a dollar ($0.003 in March 2010) to more than $6,000. With the numerous advantages it offers, the cryptocurrency became an obvious choice for online gaming. Consequently, in just four years, BitStarz Casino evolved to become one of the most popular online gambling platforms in the world.
The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin’s, has helped to grow the online gambling industry. Many gamblers from different parts of the world are using this service, indirectly promoting digital currencies. The gambling industry has also had a significant impact on the Bitcoin, which became popular among online players because of its decentralized system and respect for user privacy. Although there is some element of risk associated with it, a gambler can win big whenever the value of Bitcoin rises. However, from the recent trends, it is apparent that bitcoins have grown by over 90% most of the time, with only slight drops which recover within one to two months, and the losses being minimal.
The brains behind BitStarz Casino saw a business opportunity and took the risk by venturing into a relatively new and unpopular cryptocurrency. The decision turned out to be a masterstroke as the casino became one of the most successful businesses in the industry.

BitStarz Casino Today: Benefits and Promotions

BitStarz today is among the top 25 online casinos on every major gambling website, including The use of Bitcoin is one of the many reasons for its popularity. The platform is geared towards meeting the needs of players and is user-friendly. Even beginners can quickly grasp the features and navigation on the website, from depositing and withdrawing winnings, to using bonuses and even trading Bitcoins. The site even recommends the most reliable Bitcoin wallets and provides information on where to exchange Bitcoin for other currencies.
In addition to being user-friendly and supporting Bitcoin, BitStarz Casino also offers attractive bonuses and promotions. New users can test some of the platform’s most engaging games by using the twenty free spins awarded to them upon registration, with no deposit required. As the casino offers up to 800 games, the newcomer only gets a small but enjoyable taste of what the platform has to offer. The casino’s Welcome Bonus currently offers a 100% match up to 1BTC and 180 free spins on initial deposits, and various other promotional offers are available to boost players chances of winning big.
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Another benefit of using Bitcoin in online gambling is its fast transaction processing. Depositing and withdrawing money from these online casinos usually takes only a few minutes while transaction fees are minimum. As a result, this cryptocurrency is rapidly becoming the most popular payment option for online gambling. To learn more about different payment methods in online casinos, their deposit and withdrawal requirements, as well as their pros and cons, you can read our full guide on casino payment methods.

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