Are Gamified Online Casinos Part of the Future?
Posted in Guides, Industry May 3, 2019

Are Gamified Online Casinos Part of the Future?

Gamification is a popular term in education and it makes difficult subjects engaging. Its implementation in online casinos has been successful, but how can it help an industry that is about having fun, entertainment, and winning cash? Let’s explore this subject we wrote about over two years ago.

Although it could be argued that one can never have too much fun, players need to remember to have fun responsibly and stick to a budget. However, certain elements like loyalty bonuses, experience points, and leaderboards could use gamification to enhance the casino experience.

Best Features of Gamification

Now, let’s take a look at elements that could benefit from gamification:

Progress Bars

Loyalty bonuses are commonplace in the online casino industry, but keeping track of points can be challenging. A progress bar is an effective solution to this problem. You can easily track your progress and see when you level up and are eligible for rewards like free spins and cash prizes.

Experience Points

Similar to the progress bar, experience points require players to reach specific milestones and rewards are given out upon reacing them. Although experience points aren’t always implemented, some players prefer them over progress bars.


Leaderboards are a classic feature that works well in any online entertainment industry. A competitive way to play, players participate to get top rankings on daily leaderboards or hall of fame lists. Bonuses and prizes are often given out to those who rank highest.

In-game Currency & Shops

In-game currencies like experience points can be used to purchase premium features at online casinos. At some casinos, players purchase coins to play games for real money and may receive bonuses for doing so. Coins can also be used to buy free spins or skins.


Avatars allow players to protect their identity while playing games. Many casinos offer the option to create customizable avatars during registration. Combining avatars with leaderboards allows players to earn in-game coins and purchase premium features.

Map Completion

Some online casinos offer virtual tours that players can complete. While taking the tour, players may receive tasks that involve playing specific games. Upon completion, players may receive rewards and benefits like free spins or free coins. This also serves as a way for the casino to promote new games.

Player vs Player

PvE stands for player vs. environment, while PvP stands for player vs. player. Some casinos are developing implementations that allow players to play games simultaneously with others. PvP games like poker could be particularly enjoyable in this setting.

Casumo Casino is an industry leader in gamification. Check out their ‘Casino Adventures’ to see how they implement these features.

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